I am utterly and completely passionate about your health!

I’d love to see you shine with vitality and be able to lead the life you love. I’d love for you to be the next success story that inspires others to reclaim their radiance.

I have devoted my entire adult life to radiant health.

During the last 25 years I’ve used Asian Medicine and modern science to help my clients feel outrageously healthy and comfortable in their bodies. Most of my clients are over 50. They are positive, active, and self motivated.  As you can imagine, I’ve fielded innumerable questions about health and the effects of aging.

A while back a client, who is one of the greatest women I know, informed me that she and her girlfriends were all noticing signs of aging- achy joints, trouble sleeping, chronic digestive issues and they didn’t like it. Then she said, “Figure it out!”

I’ve spent the last several years reflecting on my last 2 decades of experience, and taken on  “figuring it out” as a personal mission. I’ve distilled the answer to this question down into it’s most simple and effective form that anyone can follow. And I am offering it to you, as a gift.

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My Philosophy of Radiant Health

1.  Optimizing your health is where it’s at. Notice I did not say you can lose 10 pounds, or look like X, Y or Z.   I said, “optimizing your health”. You’re not being compared to anyone else. There’s no one else to be like. Helping you become the best, brightest and most vibrant YOU is what I am dedicated to.  Whether you have big hips, smooth skin, enjoy winding yourself into obscure yoga poses or taking peaceful strolls in the park. It’s all about optimizing your health and authentic expression.

2.  We begin where you are.  No matter what your age, story,  history or genetics, we can improve your body, mind and spirit. You are where you are. Once we know where that is, we can look towards where you want to go.  I’ll guide you along the easiest, most pleasurable and effective path to get there.

3. Self awareness is the first step. Understanding what you truly desire and adjusting any beliefs you have that may be working at cross-purposes with your goals is the key to making your journey to vibrant health EASY.

4. You deserve the best! Asian medicine has focused on longevity and vibrant health through the prevention of dis-ease, continuously for over 5,000 years! That’s a lot of physicians, universities, meditators, martial artists, monks and yogis! Worldwide more people rely on Asian medicine for their health care that all other systems of medicine combined.  Western science has deepened our views of health and wellness immensely over the last 100 years. The fusion of the two offers you the best, most complete system of healing in the world. And this is my specialty.


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If you’re ready to step it up and reclaim your radiance, I’m ready to help you!


A Personal Her-Story

I was born and raised in Washington state. I was a super energetic and curious kid—always “searching for the headwaters” of understanding. I studied biology and health sciences in college while simultaneously getting nationally certified in massage therapy. I loved science and was often top of my class. One morning I awoke with an indisputable knowing that I was going to Acupuncture school. I turned my ship towards to Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Seattle, Washington. After 7 years of full-time college I had my Masters in Acupuncture and was a licensed Asian Medicine Practitioner.

I’ve had a thriving private practice for 25 years. I use my knowledge and experience of nutrition, herbalism, positive lifestyle practices, Yoga, Qi Gong and Meditation and so much more to offer you  the most effective path towards transformation. I give lectures on Asian Medicine and have taught classes at Bastyr University. I commercial fished in the Bering SEa, co-founded Emerald Isle Sailing Charters, an Aromatherapy company and Ama Tara Healing and Meditation Center. And, I gave birth to a fabulous girl named Cierra, whom I love and adore to the moon and back.

In listening to my heart and wanting to be the best, brightest woman I could be, I decided to make some changes to my life and travel with my daughter through Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Now I learn, teach, share and inspire across the hemispheres while holding a home base on Orcas Island! We travel to incredible places where the beauty of mother nature replenishes and awes us. From this place of fullness, I am always ready to give 100% to my passion: your health. Thanks to the internet, I can be there for you wherever I am!


Always yours in Health,