Group Revitalization Programs
The Revitalization Reset 11 Day Program: Feel more energized. Reset your metabolism for your optimal weight. Be able to do more of what you love with ease and comfort!
This is an 11 Day whole foods program, based on Asian Medicine principles, for people who are ready to feel fabulous and would like daily guidance and support to keep them on track. It’s a home based course where you’ll demystify your personal optimal diet and feel confident knowing which foods make you feel great and which ones don’t. It’s simple, straight-forward, addresses your body, mind and spirit, and takes the struggle and confusion out of taking your health to the next level. I will be there, supporting you every day!
The 3 Day Juice Renewal Program: Decrease inflammation. Resolve belly bloat. Release toxic accumulation.
This 3 day home based juicing program rejuvenates your digestive organs, giving you more energy for the long run. You’ll notice a decrease of pain, inflammation and water retention as you nourish each cell with highly a concentrated nutrient infusion. Disease processes are slowed or reversed as your body clears waste and builds it’s core Qi. Daily support, guidance and recipes make this program easy to follow.

This program is an optional part of the 11 Day Revitalization Reset Program. You will need to apply for this program so I can make sure it is a good choice for your constitution.